Manufacturer and Exporter of quality Spun yarns

Manufacturing Facility

Our latest technology machines include the following:

1 Blow Room Truetzschler Blendomatt and Rieter Blowroom line with jossi contamination ejector, Truetzschler Blowroom with automatic weight commander.
2 Carding Rieter C60 cards and Lakshmi LC300 cards.
3 Breaker Drawing Rieter SB22 and Toyota DX-8 drawframes.
4 Lap preparation Rieter Omega Lap E32 machines.
5 Comber Rieter E65 machines.
6 Finisher Drawing Rieter D-40 with Autolevellers.
7 Speed Frame Toyota FL16 and HY 492 chinese machines with ATC.
8 Ring Frame Laksmi LR9, Toyota RX 240 with auto doffer and Lakshmi LR60 AXL with auto doffer.
9 Winding Muratec 21C, Savio Polar and Savio Orion machines with Zenith and Loepfe contamination clearers.
10 Testing Instruments HVI Cotton Testing Instrument, Premier Unevenness and Imperfections Testing Instrument and Premier Single Yarn Strength Testing Instrument.